Friends of Kirkcaldy Galleries
Friends of Kirkcaldy Galleries
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To stimulate and enhance public awareness of and interest in the Kirkcaldy Galleries, their collections and their contribution to local and national life and culture. To encourage and promote the development of the Galleries, in particular the art collection and the museum, and to raise funds in support of these aims. To collaborate with the Galleries’ staff in carrying forward special projects which benefit the contents, facilities and amenities of the Galleries and their service to the community. To organise regular events for our membership to enjoy including exhibition previews, cultural visits and social gatherings.


Over the past 27 years since our foundation in 1991 and with the help of other local groups and individuals we have raised more than £90.000. The money has been used to: - conserve and extend Kirkcaldy’s justly famed collection of Scottish art - improve accessibility for all - enhance the visitor experience generally We have supported a wide range of projects including: - conservation of over 40 paintings and purchase of significant additions to the collection including works by George Leslie Hunter, David Mach, Frances Walker and Alison Watt - purchase of two Wemyss ware pieces ( a ‘dirty pig’ and a Drummond planter) - conservation of a unique floorcloth banner - digitisation of the collections - commissioning of a bespoke desk and seat for the touchscreen, a dressing-up mirror for children and an Art Cart for the storage of art materials. We have also funded catalogues, produced a cookbook for sale in the Galleries shop and funded the purchase and development of an audioguide system within the art gallery.

Wednesday 13th November  2.00pm  Activity Room of Kirkcaldy Galleries

Kirkcaldy Art Club - Then & Now. Talk by Claire Methven and Elma MacIntyre

This talk will take us on a journey from the inauguration in 1961, its association with Kirkcaldy Galleries, how it has evolved and what is happening today.