Friends of Kirkcaldy Galleries
Friends of Kirkcaldy Galleries

20 February 201920th February Dr. David Caldwell “Campsite of Alexander Selkirk” Talk Report
23 January 2019Artist Leo du Feu Talk and Demonstration Report
12 December 2018Social Evening Report
01 December 2018Forthcoming Events for 2019
09 November 2018McManus Galleries Report

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20th February Dr. David Caldwell “Campsite of Alexander Selkirk” Talk Report
Wednesday 20 February 2019

20th February------------Dr. David Caldwell, chairman of Fife Cultural Trust  and retired archaeologist with the National Museum of Edinburgh took us on a voyage of discovery to the “campsite of Alexander Selkirk” on an island  of the Juan Fernandez archipelago west of Chile.He was the original “Robinson Crusoe” from Lower Largo and an accomplished navigator and ship's master.In 1704, having argued with his expedition captain, he was abandoned on an uninhabited island although well known to privateers with good anchorage, water supply, vegetables , feral goats and lobsters.Five years on , he was rescued by Woodes Rogers, a privateer captain, who became a governor of the Bahamas and wrote an account of Selkirk's castaway life.In 2005, Dr Caldwell with Japanese and Chilean specialists explored and calculated the location of the “campsite”-the tip of a pair of navigational dividers being one of the clues ! Again , a fascinating exploration and a captive  audience.